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Convenience stores, cStores, Corner Stores, Gas stations, Bulk fuel storage facilities, LPG, CNG, LNG, Blend and Ethanol storage facilities
No devices, as long as you have a Smartphone you can use our software. It can work on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphones
Yes, it will track by brand, type, available stock, new orders, expected delivery etc.. All you need to do is just scan the rack and it will update the inventory


Yes, will record all fuel grades and types including def and kerosene. Delivery, sales, inventory and more
Yes, our app builds automated SIR (Fuel Statistical Inventory Report) report based on state specic format. No manual work
Yes based on fuel delivery invoices, our app automatically builds price book, margins, payouts etc


Our app takes care instant scratch games, new books, daily closings, lotto sales and weekly settlements. Reports how much you need to deposit in lotto account and the commission
Yes, you can schedule to run the report daily or you can run it manually whenever you want. It will give you overall sales by games, sales by game price, total inventory, online sales, paid outs / validations in multiple report formats
Game configuration is so easy and you can add, delete, change the games. Whatever you change it will dynamically updates.
Yes, you can just scan the game number from the smartphone and it will automatically updates the system. No manual work at closing time and it will send auto report instantly


Yes, our app can track all major brands and types & will report back status with shelf life
Yes, tracks brand, types, cases, including margins, shelf life to manage the freezer inventory efficiently

Fuel Home Account

No paperwork, just ask the person to sing the sales on smartphone. Our analytical framework shows total balance on the screen.
Yes, end of the month, just select the home account and send invoice, also you can update digital payments, send payment notifications

All-in-One Platform for Business Growth


Sure, we track daily taxable sales, non taxable sales, tax collected for quarterly business tax. Sales by product, margins, new products, vendor price and more.
Absolutely, no duplicate work, he can just download our report to file quarterly tax. No need for you to send data / daily papers


based on your sales, average stock, inventory and dead stock levels we will generate auto digital orders. You have an option to modify the data. Once you confirm the order, we will notify your vendor and track the delivery and will update your inventory accordingly. There is no need to spend time in the freezer or manual count
Yes, you can scan the paper invoice or take a photo or scan the bar code or qr code from your smartphone. We store the image and also we extract the content for bill of items. Also, we can store digital invoice directly from your vendor.


Absolutely, it's easy, just click the product(s) you want to order, select the vendor and click submit.
Yes, just can the product barcode or qr code from smartphone, update # of items, review the order, select vendor and click submit. That's it


Convenience stores, Gas stations, Bulk Fuel storage facilities, LPG, CNG, LNG, Blend and Ethanol storage facilities.
No devices, as long as you have a Smartphone you can use our software. It can work on desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone.


Yes, you can get daily and weekly inventory report depends on what you want to see. In our app, everything is stored as a department, opening stock, closing stock and sales, dead stock, minimum stock levels etc.

Leverage technology for faster business grown


Yes, you can track vendor payments or expenses by cash, check, business card, EFT, Bank and Web
Yes, you can track and document funds transfer between your accounts


yes, and can get automated report every week. Also, commission, funds deposit to lotto account etc.
Yes, we track ATM commission, Money order commission and Vendor rebates every month

Safe drops

In our application, you can track 6 shifts and safe drops.


You can track all deposits including daily bank deposits

Price Book

Yes, our price book updates dynamically and updates price book every time you have a fuel delivery. We track market price, delivery price and retail price by card, cash to calculate margins
It works for inside sales too, also we can track intem price, market price and vendor price

Reduce your operational cost, and take smart decisions with accurate reporting


System notifies fuel variance and water variance to all levels (users, managers, partners / owners)
Yes, system notifies on zero store sales (like forgot to close register), zero fuel sales or big vendor payments by cash etc
Yes, our analytical IOT tracks all regulatory changes and sends secure sms notifications to all customers


Anything unusual in sales, payments, expenses, lotto games (instant, online), validations, settlements, orders, inventory, dead stock, delivery, minimum stock reach, shelf life, over dues, fuel payouts, deposits and transfers etc
Yes, you can. Just create the alert and condition and the frequency of notification. You are all set.


Yes, all our customers needs to register their mobile phone with our app to receive two factor sms notification.
It depends on your business model, you can setup the frequency for each type of sms notification

Source Portal

Yes, we have a dedicated accountant portal to run monthly, quarterly and yearly reports. Your accountant can login to portal as soon as you sign hipaa access control form
Absolutely, you have unlimited access to your corporate users, also we can embed our app into your existing portal / website so that they don't need to leave your network.


Yes, we have individual reports and also master reports that you can run monthly, quarterly and yearly. Overall we have over 300+ reports covering all possible business operations
Yes, you can download reports in pdf, excel and cvs format. We are currently work on Microsoft money, Quicken and QuickBooks formats

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